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The Rack

Back of the RackI‘m putting a large rack somewhere in the room. The plan is to have all of the stereo gear for the entire house located in one central area. I have four zones planned—the great room, the deck, the bar, and the theater. The great room and the deck will both be stereo, the bar will be 5.1 surround, and the theater will be 7.2.4 Atmos/DTS:X surround with transducers in the furniture. All total, that’s 24 speaker wires all to one central location.

I thought of buying a rack, but couldn’t justify the cost of a pre-made rack, and didn’t want to have to scrounge for a used server/telecom rack, so I bought four rack rails to build my own four-post rack. I used some old musical gear and blank rack panels to hold the rails at the correct position, and framed it with the straightest 2x3s I could find. As for where I was going to put it, that became a much bigger issue.

Rack in PlaceAt first, the initial plan had the rack going under the stairs and completely out of site. But my wife didn’t like the idea of losing the storage space under the stairs, and I didn’t like the idea of dust from working in that area of the basement. I thought of positioning it at one end of the bar, like a giant column, but that made access to the back of the rack problematic.

Then I realized that if I put the rack in front of the HVAC area, I can have access to the back of the rack through a hidden door, while framing a wall on the other side that’ll make the boxed ceiling area above it more cohesive with the overall space.

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