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floor01I‘ve got 800 square feet of ½” bamboo flooring to install. Mary has been a bit impatient with it, as it took two weeks from the time we ordered it until it was delivered, then another two weeks for it to sit in the house, acclimating. The place from where we bought it delivered it to the garage; Mary carried most of it to the ground floor* one box at a time as this stuff is heavy. Seriously—800 square feet was over 1,000 kilos.


floor02The bamboo is being laid in the tavern room, the billiard room, and on the riser in the theater. I’ll also have enough left over (I hope) for the future bathroom. On the main level in the theater, I’m framing the room with three courses of the bamboo, with carpeting in the center.




floor04After getting the bamboo up to the bar, I took a vacation day to get the rest knocked out in the tavern and billiard room. It took the entire day to get that last bit done, and another full day to get the riser done in the theater, which included milling custom bullnose trim.









* We’ve decided to call this floor our ground floor instead of a basement, as the floor is two feet above grade in the back of the house, is flooded with natural light, and has a ceiling height that is taller than the top floor of our house, with the exception of our master bedroom. Pretentious? Maybe.

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