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Theater Framing StartedIn our last house, we didn’t have a dedicated theater—it was a media room that included a bar. It wasn’t that I didn’t want a dedicated theater, but I didn’t have the room to build what I really wanted. In the end, it worked well, and we enjoyed the room.

In the new house, I’ve got room to put in the dedicated theater I really wanted. Sure, I don’t have the size or scale to do a Theo Kalomirakis theater, but I can still do a room with tiered seating and matching, hidden speakers mounted at the optimal placement around the room, instead of having the surround speakers hanging from the ceiling.

Doors FramingBecause it’s a dedicated room, I wanted an entrance that would show that what lies beyond was not just a bedroom. And because the most logical place to put the entrance was on the riser, I decided on a curved stair in front of the doors.




Doors and RiserOf course you can’t exactly go into Home Depot and buy a curved stair kit. Or if you could, I’ve never seen one. I didn’t want it sticking out too far in the room, otherwise I thought it could become a tripping hazard while shooting pool. After a number of drawings, I settled on a curve with a radius of 24″.



stair01The bullnose stair trim has an inner radius of 22″, and outer radius of 25″. I rigged up a template from ¼” plywood and trimmed some leftover walnut from the bar using my shaper.





stair02I used the inner 22″ radius to mark the correct curve for the bamboo flooring on the stair. Once Mary poly’d the walnut, it took on a similar tone to the bamboo.

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