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atmosIn order to further separate our theater from a typical commercial theater, I installed transducers in the furniture. I did this with the sectional in our last house, which were a nice addition, and always got a surprised response from guests. I used Aura Bass Shaker Pros for my previous install, powered by a subwoofer plate amp that I installed in a custom box that sat behind the sectional.

Doors FramingI wanted a cleaner look for the new room, with no gear at all inside the room, with the obvious exception of the projector, so the amp will be in the rack in the billiard room. Parts Express had also come out with their own transducer under their Dayton line. Not only are the Dayton transducers cheaper than the Auras, but they also show a lower resonant frequency (30 hz vs. 40 hz), with the same power handling capability (50 watts).

The structure of this furniture is much more robust than the old sectional, so I didn’t feel the need to beef it up. When I opened it up, the old sectional looked like it would fall apart rather quickly once I started shaking it. The wood looked like miscellaneous scraps left over from other projects, and everything had been fastened with staples—no screws or glue. I sistered a number of new members, glueing and screwing them in place.

atmosI’m powering these using the rear center channel amp of my old Pioneer VSX-D850S AVR. I figured these wouldn’t need the same power as my subwoofers, so I adjusted the trim down as far as it would go. Even so, they were still shaking too much, and at higher frequencies than I wanted. So, I’ve pulled an EQ out of my studio rack, and am using it as a low pass filter, and also pulling the gain down further.

Compared to the Aura Bass Shaker Pros that I used to have, these seem to reach deeper, as I feel some very low shaking that I don’t hear. And my twin 15″ subwoofers dig far deeper than the single 10″ sub I previously used.

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